Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I remember once upon a time I was involved in a heated debate about which women/ladies are the most beautiful ones in the world? "Which" meant which country. The debate was hot because everyone had his/her idea about beauty and elegance.I being from Tanzania, I defended our women till when there was no more time for argument.

Surprisingly,last week I overheard a group of young people talking about the same topic.I smiled at them to assure them that I know where they are coming from.The big difference is that since my last argument about who is more beautiful than another, I have grown.I have come to agree about beauty being from a beholder's eyes.However, will you be mad if I say I am still biased to African women not necessarily Tanzanians? And lastly,can't we all agree,at least once, when we see someone who is not beautiful and at the same time not ugly? The video below shows some faces from the continent,not every country of course but a good sample is provided here. This is what they don't want you to see and know!


samuel said...

short blog but very straight to da point..GUD STUFF

aishya said...

Thank you, Jeff; I was feeling down and checked in with your have really brightened my day!

Jamal O said...

What NO Nigerians!!?

a Travesty!

Nice Video