Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Few days ago I put a link of the protests in Kenya with reference to the new media law bill that was proposed. Whether the western media machines were right or wrong to make the story make the headlines, is not a matter of apprehension at this point.

What is important to the point of making it in this blog that is now captivated to only good news is that President of Kenya, Mwai Kibaki, who was, by law, supposed to sign the bill in order for it to become a new law, has refused to do so describing it to be a threat to the democratic gains that Kenya has made in recent past.

To be balanced and fair, I applaud Mwai Kibaki.This is a proof, to whoever wants it, that there are leaders with common sense in Africa contrary to what many people in the west think.Of course we still have leaders who would sign such a bill even if woken from the middle of the sleep (meaning without even reading it let alone analyzing its impact). Leaders like Mwai Kibaki, on this one, deserves a congratulations for standing on his people and not misusing his constitutionally given power. Well done Kibaki. Other leaders should follow your path.


Patrick GK said...

It certainly is refreshing to see African leaders wisely exercising the powers vested in them for the good of their people.

Good looking out Mr. Kibaki, though I'm not sure the missus will be on the same page with you on this one!

Steve said...

Yep, Kibaki got this one perfectly right.

- Steve

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Temitope said...